Forklift City Heavy Excavator


Welcome to the Forklift Truck Transport Simulator, Load the goods into various vehicles like Trucks, Ships, Trains and more. Play as a forklift truck driver and complete the task of loading the goods and transporting the goods. You will be playing in various locations like shipyard, godowns, railway stations and your main goal is to load and unload the goods from various vehicles like Ships, Trains, Trucks, and heavy containers etc.

You will have various forklifts and you can unlock them and have complete control over the game. These vehicles are equipped with various gears and loading and unloading makes it easier and convenient. Multiple camera angles helps you to watch carefully while loading and drive carefully through the various obstacles and reach the destination.

Become this forklift truck driver and experience the most adventure based game. This game is all about transporting goods and helping people become tycoons. You will be the main person to handle this transporting yard and help increasing in the business.